Club News


    Posted November 25, 2023

    Please be aware that the Sleepy River bridge was obliterated by this spring's rapid snowpack meltdown and the resultant flooding. Unfortunately, repairs have not been possible thusfar, and the trail ...

  • Powerline Rebuild Project on TRAIL #3

    Posted January 2, 2024

    MJ Electric has asked that we make you aware of the project occurring this snowmobiling season along the powerline that interfaces in many areas with Trail #3 (Bill Nichols Trail). To quote our ...

  • Trail System Opens December 1, 2023

    Posted November 25, 2023

    Our trail system opens December 1st and closes March 31st of each year.  All trails within the SSC jurisdiction are routinely groomed. 

  • TRAIL #109

    Posted November 25, 2023

    Trail #109 will be closed for the 2023-2024 snowmobiling season. We've gotten most all of the portion that needed to be re-routed identified, and now will obtain quotes for actually creating the ...